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Digital Gold 2


A DAW® is a digital artwork produced in limited edition numbers and protected by an international patent.

This is a bundle that includes:

  • A limited editions digital file, in high definition, encrypted according to the Cinello’s patent and reproduced at the highest resolution available at that time;


  • A MyGal® device which includes a software to decrypt the protected digital file and to display it on a monitor; this app stands at the core of the image and video displaying process;

  • A signed and numbered COA (certificate of authenticity); this certificate legally proofs and authorizes the reproduction of the artwork as DAW® by Cinello and the artist and/or IP owner of the artwork;

  • A competitive high-resolution monitor where the DAW® is broadcasted;

  • A custom hand-made frame to adorn and fit the DAW® monitor.

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Mixed Digital Media

Monitor 32” 4k


Custom Frame, Aluminium

Artwork Description

Gold is a symbol of well-being, luxury and wealth. Since ancient times, gold has been used to adorn physical appearance, enhance beauty, and demonstrate power or social status. The rare but easily malleable mineral transforms from coins into an elegant piece of jewellery until it becomes an ingot. In this dimension, gold is associated with a specific economic value that contrasts its material solidity with rapid and irrational volatility, causing tension between digital and real value. The viewer is left hypnotized to ponder, confronting a sensual fluid that moves like a snake, changing, transforming, and regenerating with each cycle. Plessi shows a continuous passage of time in which perception is deceived by a sense of satisfaction, and excitement that the melting of gold causes in us. The solid shape becomes liquid, leaving a void in the screen. The depth of a colour linked to the divine, to the sun god Ra, to a mountain teeming with gold from which life generates and to our eternal tension towards it


Certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist and Cinello