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Nostra Vita


A DAW® is a digital artwork produced in limited edition numbers and protected by an international patent.

This is a bundle that includes:

  • A limited editions digital file, in high definition, encrypted according to the Cinello’s patent and reproduced at the highest resolution available at that time;


  • A MyGal® device which includes a software to decrypt the protected digital file and to display it on a monitor; this app stands at the core of the image and video displaying process;

  • A signed and numbered COA (certificate of authenticity); this certificate legally proofs and authorizes the reproduction of the artwork as DAW® by Cinello and the artist and/or IP owner of the artwork;

  • A competitive high-resolution monitor where the DAW® is broadcasted;

  • A custom hand-made frame to adorn and fit the DAW® monitor.

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The Russian poet Osip Mandelstam (1891-1938) wrote: «It is unthinkable to read the cantos of Dante without aiming them in the direction of the present day. They were made for that. They are missiles for capturing the future».

Felice Limosani shapes and updates the opening words of the Divine Comedy through manipulation of the famous illustrations by Paul Gustave Lous Christophe Doré. With the introductory phrase “in the middle of the journey of our life” Dante immediately accomplished something extraordinary. Through the “pluralis maiestatis” he qualified the incoming event as universal to all humanity, not simply His, but Our Life. A pronoun that echoes in the present: the Purgatory of Humanity, the place of almost, the moment of the here and now. Therefore, Limosani’s work evokes our daily life where time has a duration. The place where our lives, passing through the present, act for the good or the bad until the end leads to the horrors of Hell or the Paradise of Heaven. In the two dimensions of the DAW®, it is possible to admire Dante’s Empyrean as opposed to the entrance to the forest. It will be our life and our actions that lead us to one of the two. The figures of the Poet and Beatrice are deliberately left out because what is being told is an eternal and universal story. Everyone’s life. Our Life.