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Max Papeschi & Maurizio Temporin

Maurizio Temporin is a director, Italian writer and artist. He mainly works on of fantastic realism and science fiction.
He is founder and artistic director of the studio SPAZIO TEMPO(rin), a factory in the center of Milan in which creative artists and
specialists from different fields, including cinema, publishing, art, advertising and communication. In the world of contemporary art he is the author of works called CINESTESIE, imaginary playbills that reinvent the history of cinema. He collaborates on a regular basis with Lucidosottile and Fondazione Maimeri.

After an experience as author and director for theatre, Tv and cinema, Max Papeschi starts with digital-art in 2008. The media hype raised by a giant work on the facade of a building in the center of Poznan in Poland projects him on the international scene, making him in a very short time one of the best known Italian artists abroad. In just 10 years of activity, he has made more than 60 solo exhibitions and he has participated in about one hundred collective exhibitions around the world.