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Jacopo Di Cera

Born in Milan in 1981, he worked for several years in the world of communication and marketing in international corporations arriving in Rome in 2004 where he founded and managed a digital communication agency. In these years he studied photography with international master photographers. In the early stage of his journey he exhibited his works in Rome at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere with an important project on Jerusalem. In 2010 he was among the top three finalists of the prestigious National Geographic competition.
In 2019 he developed his second “Photomateric” project ” dedicated to the terrible earthquake of Amatrice, “Il Rumore dell’Assenza” where the devastating images are imprinted on crumpled paper, symbol of human fragility. In 2020 the third “Mi-Ro” Milan-Rome project dedicated to the theme of commuting through direct printing on the windows of trains built for the exhibition itinerary. Since 2017 he has been developing the “Italian Summer” project, aimed at the social narrative of Italianness on holiday through an unusual point of view, i.e. through the use of a drone. His photographs are currently present in various galleries in Italy and abroad and are part of important private collections.