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Giulio Aprin

Giulio Aprin’s passion for photography began at an early age, with the camera becoming an integral part of his personal growth from the age of five. During his high school years, he found himself documenting the student protests that swept the country, including the Indignados demonstration in Rome in 2011.
These formative experiences solidified his commitment to documenting events, places, and people, leading him to pursue a career in documentary filmmaking in London. Although his path diverged from journalism,
Giulio’s commitment to storytelling remained a constant. Today, he is an accomplished adventure photographer and explorer, capturing the mystery, complexity, diversity, and raw power of the natural world.
His work brings to life unimaginable beauty, and resurrects worlds long lost to the human eye. Passionate about remote places, he has spent the last five years exploring desert regions of the planet, from the Wadi Rum and Sahara Deserts to the Namib Desert and beyond, traveling from the Gulf countries to Jordan, and from Namibia to Mauritania.
In addition to his photography, Giulio is an accomplished digital artist whose work is featured on SuperRare. His art blends his passion for the natural world with his love of visual storytelling, creating immersive and captivating experiences for his audience.

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