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A DAW® is a digital artwork produced in limited edition numbers and protected by an international patent.

This is a bundle that includes:

  • A limited editions digital file, in high definition, encrypted according to the Cinello’s patent and reproduced at the highest resolution available at that time;


  • A MyGal® device which includes a software to decrypt the protected digital file and to display it on a monitor; this app stands at the core of the image and video displaying process;

  • A signed and numbered COA (certificate of authenticity); this certificate legally proofs and authorizes the reproduction of the artwork as DAW® by Cinello and the artist and/or IP owner of the artwork;

  • A competitive high-resolution monitor where the DAW® is broadcasted;

  • A custom hand-made frame to adorn and fit the DAW® monitor.

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3D Animation – SoundTrack Simone Bertolotti WhiteStudio 2.0

Monitor 43” 4k


Custom Frame, Aluminium

Artwork Description

In San Francesco Cremonese, the Lombard master offers us an intimate vision of meditative introspection that touches those levels of artistic lyricism that are difficult to approach.
There is no desire to break the Caravaggesque tradition in this obsequious homage, but rather the modern continuity.
In his work, Sodlab inserts the element of the cross inspired by that of the Church of Light by Tadao Ando, built in Osaka in 1989.
Caravaggio’s St. Francis becomes the artist’s avatar equipped with the wings of thought, a characteristic common to the Lombard genius.
The skull, a tribute to Orozco’s creation, and the book are tools that do not represent mere quotation but which, albeit in the vortex of our contemporaneity, invite us to a more calm and firm reflection on our lives.


Certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist and Cinello