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Liquid Blue Digital II


A DAW® is a digital artwork produced in limited edition numbers and protected by an international patent.

This is a bundle that includes:

  • A limited editions digital file, in high definition, encrypted according to the Cinello’s patent and reproduced at the highest resolution available at that time;


  • A MyGal® device which includes a software to decrypt the protected digital file and to display it on a monitor; this app stands at the core of the image and video displaying process;

  • A signed and numbered COA (certificate of authenticity); this certificate legally proofs and authorizes the reproduction of the artwork as DAW® by Cinello and the artist and/or IP owner of the artwork;

  • A competitive high-resolution monitor where the DAW® is broadcasted;

  • A custom hand-made frame to adorn and fit the DAW® monitor.

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Video Animation

Monitor 32” 4k


Custom Frame, Aluminium

Artwork Description

“Liquid Blue Digital” by Valentinaki are the digital artworks that transport us to a dancing ocean, shrouded in a halo of mystery. Its shades of deep blue capture us, hypnotizing us in a whirlwind of emotions.
The artist, Valentina, masterfully depicts the chromatic evolution inspired by the theory of “Liquid Modernity” by Zygmunt Bauman, creating a world in constant motion. The waves and movements represent the lability of life itself, inviting us to adapt to the challenges it presents to us. In this majestic liquid, we discover surprises and ever-new facets that lie beneath the surface. This artistic creation invites us to reconsider our relationship with time and space, in a continuum in which past and present merge, opening the door to new perspectives.
However, this fluidity can generate anxiety and uncertainty, but the enveloping blue of Valentinaki embraces us, turning liquidity into a creative opportunity. We immerse ourselves in this sea of emotions, letting ourselves be carried away by the deep breath of its blue.


Certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist and Cinello

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